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I heard this story differently... in 1995, from someone who work at some kind of paranormal detective firm in Colorado when this happened. His story was the farmer found snippy at 5:30 in the morning, laying in the snow with his head in a large bare circle. Everything within that circle was bare, blackened, and the rocks were still hot. The flesh on snippy's head was stripped clean, the edge seemed cauterized. Farmer walked back, called his son who worked at the local AF base. Son flew a helicopter out around 6 am, took some pics, which showed one set of footprints walking to this scene, and then walking back (his father's). This was one of only a couple cases the paranormal firm could not debunk.

The drawback to investigating something many years after it happened is that people's memories are fungible, and stories change over time. The story you heard contradicts many things which were reported by first-hand witnesses at the time of the event. (For example, there was no mention of snow at all, nor of any of the surrounding rocks being "hot.")

Snippy now belongs to the UFO Watchtower and will eventually be put on display after the skeleton is repaired by Jay Young.

I appreciate the update, Judy! I'm planning a trip to the Alamosa area next spring... hopefully Snippy will be on display at that point.

Chris, would you mind if I used some of your text? We are trying to build Snippy a new home. You can email me at traincloset at the gmail place. Thanks

Hi Mick! I wouldn't have a problem with that. I'll contact you via the Google machine.

hi i really liked your story send me the link next time you find something weird

You seem to poo poo the UFO theory? but now, 40 some years later, we have UFO's on several occasions, documented on video by the US and other military aircraft. While the on scene observers were either not motivated or simply didn't care about documenting the scene, the claimed marks in the ground, crushed bush, burn marks, radiation (other) exposure doesnt mean they didn't see those things and there are other encounters where those exact same things were documented ie the Rendelsham Forest incident. What do you think of that?

I had the privilege to see Snippy on display back in September. It was a private showing but what an incredible sight to see and you can also see cut marks in the bone from when they performed the autopsy. Reach your own conclusions but you can't deny just how strange the events that took place with the demise of this horse.

I was 14 years old and living in Monte Vista, Colorado which is 17 miles from Alamosa. My family and I went to the site. We beleive it was no other than a UFO that decented from the sky. The horse was a female named Lady. There was a circle surrounding the horse that was like exhaust or like soot and look like it came down on the horse. There was no movement or struggle signs on the ground. Kind of like a table like structure came down around the horse. The bones from the the head down to the base of the neck was stripped clean. Like you would describe a laser today. You could see the flesh was red under the skin/hide of the animal. No bleeding or blood anywhere.. My father use to butcher sheep and they bled out profusely. Not something I could do. This horse had a clean cut. Very bizarre. The poor animal looked like it stopped dead on its tracks. No ants or fence wire or other scavengers could have done this. I was scared and saddened. My mother witnessed plate like disc's that moved slow and then just took off very fast disappearing in seconds. It happened once to her. It was late afternoon and the sun was low which made them shine in the distance. No one believed her.


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