Thomas Washington Bean (1885-1987) A Life of "Firsts"


Thanks for informing me about someone I didn't know about. I've been in Denver since '85 but wasn't aware of his death in 1987.

WRT, thank you for your comment.

Wow! Great to learn about such an influential Denverite that I bet many (including myself) did not know about.

Anonymous, thank you for your comment. It was great for me to learn about Thomas Bean and his enduring contributions to Denver and Colorado as well.

Tried to send letter to the Welton street address (Thomas W. Bean Foundation) which was returned "no such number". Also tried 303 296-1340 (not a good number). Do you know if the foundation still exist? Thanks

It appears that the The Thomas W. Bean Foundation is a viable and existing foundation in Colorado. You might try this address 2501 Bruce Randolph Street, Denver CO 80205.

We just want to thank the Thomas W. Bean Foundation for their support. Can't express how much we appreciate YOU!

Thank you for your comment!

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