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Members of my family have lived in Colorado since the late 1800s and I have never even heard the term Coloradians. (My great aunts & uncles attended East High School and some were married in the Cathedral of the Immacualte Concepeption.) It has always been Coloradans!

I thought it was universally "Coloradans" as well, but I have seen some old newspapers from the area refer to "Coloradoans". 

Coloradians was brought here from again people who were from other states. I remember a guy from Kanas who I worked with at Lockheed Martin who used this word. And used in in a jokingly way as a slang.

Thank-you for the story on the flag.

As a native Coloradan of nearly sixty years I have heard the controversy about the use of 'Coloradan' and 'Coloradoan' many times. I use the term 'Coloradan' because I think it makes sense and sounds right. Perhaps the brainiacs at the Denver Public Library could research the subject and resolve that issue in time for Colorado Day!

Thanks for reading the blog! It turns out that the Coloradan vs. Coloradoan debate is an old one. An informal poll of Colorado natives in the library showed mixed results. As is common with many words, which version they favored was determined by where they grew up and which version their family used. 

In George R. Stewart's Names on the Land, he uses the rule that if a place name ends in -o, -an is added, such as Chicagoan.

​H. L. Mencken, in his book, The American Language, points out the exception to Stewart's rule is for Spanish names ending in -o. In these cases, the -o is dropped and replaced with -an, such as in San Franciscan. 

If going by Stewart's or Mencken's rules, both Coloradoan and Coloradan are correct.

The U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual (Section 5.23) uses Coloradan to designate natives of the state of Colorado. Other style guides from universities, such as Colorado State University, have also designated Coloradan as their official version. 

As a native Denverite - no arguments there - we have always used Coloradan. Coloradoan is a newspaper - and an awkward sounding one to my ear.

No comments about Coloradan or Coloradoan. Just wanted to say that this post and the prior one also on the flag were really great! Thanks for posting!

I refer to myself as Colorado native of 50 years and will claim it always

I refer to myself as Colorado native of 50 years and will claim it always

Flag information posted by the State Archives credits "Johnson" (rather than "Carson") —


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