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My sister and I worked at Ridge home in the early 80s.
I worked on the female ward, age range 5-60 years. It was a sad ward to work and I'm sorry to say I only lasted a couple weeks. My sister on the other hand worked there for years. She worked up on the hill in a farmhouse with high functioning adults male and female. She loved it there and they all loved her. I visited regularly and volunteered on many field trips. My husband would play Santa Claus at Christmas time. It takes very special, caring people to work in these homes and they do the best they can. Unfortunately we have the few ugly and evil that make life miserable for these poor unfortunate souls that must live out their lives in these institutions. I'm happy to say I never saw any abuse while I was there, but I don't doubt that things happened.

I wonder if your sister knew my mother. She worked there for a very long time...up until she passed away in 1989. Her name was Sharlette Anderson

The state homes have changed over the years but the abuse often continues, especially if the person does not have family involvement and does not have access to communication. There are many group homes that house (not home) people that have very high staff turnover and are considered mini-institutions. Of course, there can be some very committed staff and family members, but the model of congregating folks together is not at all functional nor a place any of us would choose to live ourselves. Wonder why we continue to put people away like this.
When in college we have professors that used laser pens to point to people to emphasize their anomalies, like larger heads or smaller heads or a sound they may make. It was definitely objectification and depersonalization. I wish things had changed more in terms of attitudes and including people in everyday life, but the mini-institutions continue and are called group homes.

I worked 2nd shift at Ridge Home in the late 70's for almost 4 years, before returning to my home state of Wyoming and returning to work at the Wyoming State Training School (now called Wyoming Life Resource Center). I worked on Sunshine Hall. Loved those folks. Having already worked at the institution in Wyoming, and being 3rd generation, I knew what to expect. I often wonder what became of those individuals.
My daughter and husband are considering moving to the Denver area and she has been working in a group home facility in Manhattan, KS for over 5 years (or is it 7?). How can she locate a facility in or near the Denver so that she may apply for a job?

Wheat ridge regional center

Hi there,
My brother Timmy was on Sunshine Hall in the 70's. I have read all these comments and I just have to believe he got the care and treatment that was given by people like you who truly cared. All the caregivers seemed to be so caring and helpful to our Timmy when we would visit. You have no idea how hard it was on our family to have Timmy there and for that decision to be made. I was fairly young during this time, but am truly grateful for Ridge Home and the care that was given. Thank you for your service and heart.
Timmy's little sister

Thank you for sharing this story with us. While Ridge Home's deficiencies are well documented, it seems as though the stories of staff who truly cared for the children, and the stories of the children themselves, are frequently overlooked. 

Thank you for sharing this story with us. While Ridge Home's deficiencies are well documented, it seems as though the stories of staff who truly cared for the children, and the stories of the children themselves, are frequently overlooked. 

I grew up just down the road from Ridge Home. It was the norm to see adult men in diapers every once in a while outside. I too went on a tour. I don't remember all the details of the place except the big buildings had huge slides attached to each one of them incase of a fire - residents could get out. What impressed me is seeing adults roaming around in a room, wearing diapers and people rocking and verbalizing. I was told these residents were mongrels. That scared me and pretty much changed my life direction. I get to work with people who have disabilities and I love each and ever one. If I remember correctlu, JFK was the president that shut down the asylums or homes for these people. The funding was cut which led to the increase in mental illness and homelessness. I don't think of Ridge Home as a dark shadow of Arvada's history. It served its purpose and then it couldn't. Unfortunately, the residents and the people who helped became casualties to a system that societyrefused to help. Alas, opens the door to inclusion which is not a good fit for all.

Me and some friends went there several times seeking late night adventure what happened was at one point something followed me from there. The last time we had gone there was in 2003 or 2004. After that chilling night i had alot of bad things happen to me things that couldn't be explained. In summer of 2016 in a small town in sw kansas i went to get what i thought was a massage but what happened was amazing. The lady relased what ever had followed me and took it into her body. I seen her a few days later and could see the same empty dead look that i had for over 10 years. I really hope that someone reads this before the play with spirits. Something bad followed me and that could happen to anyone. I dont know the ladys name and she no longer resides in that town. People i know that knew her said something changed her. I hope she can get whatever she took from me to rest at ease. Thanks for reading this and please use caution when going places where demonic rituals have taken place