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Hi Eddie, it sounds like you had a very positive impact on the residents and families, just as they impacted you. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your experience with us!

I'm so happy to have read this kindness. I remember being about 5 or 6 and we went to visit my sister there. My mother told me the doctors had referred her there for testing. She had been there for two weeks and when we walked in she was screaming and crying not to leave her there. It was 1965 in May. It was so heartbreaking. She stayed with us up until she was 45. God rest her soul.

Actually, it has to still be standing. My friend took me there once. We crawled through a ground enterancr beneath the buildings and climbed thru a broken air duct to get inside. There were children drawings everywhere and all kinds of rooms filled with home and school stuff. In fact I opened an employees locker and found a really cool rolling stone magazine. I took it- which was a mistake. I also lost my wedding ring from my boyfriend who passed away. It was really important to me. So I had to return the magazine the next day where I got it as well as look for my wedding ring. As soon as i threw it back in the locker I got a nose bleed from the dry air and we had to leave immediately. I started to crawl back up the ground entrance and sitting at the top of the metal ladder was my ring. Freaked us out a lot, but we actually got everything on tape- I just haven't done anything with the footage yet in fear that we would get in trouble for trespassing obviously. I don't think the place felt like dark energy, just kind of sad. It was actually very pretty and looked like a nice home inside. Has anyone else been inside? And if anyone does go- don't take anything... and watch out for the squatters.

Is there any others ways you can get in?

When it was abandoned, friends and I would sneak in and get high. There were cages in the basement. Cages that looked like they were built for people. It was a dark tunnel system that was spooky to take your friends through. I was in there enough I was sited for trespassing.

Stumbled upon a guy named Joe Arridy I believe he was a patient in 1925. The only man who smiled while on death row. Sounds like he was framed for the Drain murder by the sheriff for a 1,000 reward. That might explain some of the murder stories.

My grandmother worked there in the 70's. She would often bring different children home with her around the holidays to spend time with our family (I had not been born yet, so I never had the pleasure to them). She was the nurse who passed out the medication to the extremely insane in the males wing. One of them almost took her life... I will not spare the gory details, because it is not something that should be remembered about this place. However, after a long recovery, my grandmother went back to work there in the same area and position, because she loved it that place. Ridge home became the sanctity to some many that were abandoned by their families; the staff was very committed and became a mother or father to those who were called mutants, degenerates, insane, a burden to society... I am sad that a place like Ridge Home who did so much good, was ultimately shut down due to lack of funding. Now it is a damn Target, because we REALLY need another shopping center... Also, there is still one of the buildings that is open and running... I am not sure who/what community college operates out of there, but it is to get CNA license.

I take care of one of those residents that was admitted to Ridge as a young child. I will not disclose how this young adult was gotten out of there, but from the horror stories I was told by family members it saddens me to know that people are so cruel. This person has so much personality, is a loving soul. I wish I could have known this person before these so called doctors and care-givers got their hands on this person. What's really really horrifying, there are still care-givers out there that are still severally abusing these people !!!! Unfortunately the abuse of this person wasn't over yet. This person endured many more years of severe abuse !!! I am happy to say the abuse has now stopped, and this person will live out the latter years of life being properly cared for, and genuinely loved.

Now they're building an apartment complex on the property. During excavations they dug through a mysterious white and grey ash layer on a corner of the property.

I have recently met a women who met her husband there. I am glad i ran across this as it helps me to understand her more. what a horrifying experience for these people.