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He looks like my friend from back in the halcyon days of yore. 1966 or 1967.Ralph was way ahead of his time.

Ralph was in Aspen in 1965 when I was a ski bum...he was a delightful character, and a bit of a scandalous flirt!

Thanks for sharing that with us, NM! He sounded like quite the character!

During a two season Aspen stint in the mid 60s I was seated at a table in the patio area outside of "Pinocchio's" pizza restaurant. Ralph was at the next table laughing and joking with the world famous author Leon Uris and filmmaker Warren Miller, who was in town to narrate one of his ski movies. Greatest eavesdropping episode I ever experienced.

We can see why that was a memorable evening! Thanks for sharing that memory with us. 

Ralph Jackson was my wife's uncle. Our son Jackson Bell is an avid skier(downhill, telemark, and nordic). We visited the Aspen Historical Society some years ago and took a photo of young Jackson wearing Ralph Jackson's fur coat and top hat.

Hi David - Thanks for sharing that - it must be quite a photo!

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