The Central Library will temporarily close to the public beginning Sunday, Jan. 22 for approximately two weeks. Holds will be available at the Curbside and Holds Pick Up Window. More information.

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Thanks for the information!
Another source for experiencing historical buildings is Doors Open Denver. Annually, on an April weekend, if offers free self guided tours and low cost guided tours of historic Denver sites.

Thanks for reading! Doors Open Denver is definitely another great resource - there were too many to mention in just one blog post, so I'm glad you commented.


I am part owner of a ranch that has several building made from adobe dating back too the late 18 hundreds how would I get funding in the form of a grant to preserve this ranch it’s one of the only ranches in Colorado that held rodeos on in the fifties this is all documented in photos and posters I need help in preserving this part of Colorado history

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