The Rolling Stones On The Front Range, 1965-1978



Thanks for sharing this history...and especially including the "felonious weed" quote. Another great article by WHG!

Good question! In order to keep this article from being too lengthy, we decided to concentrate on the concerts in Denver and Boulder. I do mention the November 7, 1969, concert at CSU, but don't elaborate. The Rocky Mountain News reported that 10,400 young people packed the fieldhouse that evening and were treated to B.B. King and Terry Reid before the Stones took the stage. Rocky Mountain News Music Critic Thomas MacCluskey had the following to say about the show:

The Stones were the Stones. Unchanged. Undiminished. Unbeatable. Mixing their oldies (but goodies) with a number of newies (also goodies), they projected their internationally known sound and personal magnetism back to the far corners of the huge field house....And then there's Mick Jagger. Wow! Better than ever...He's much warmer. Less aloof. More talkative. More responsive to his devotees appreciation of him....Keith's blues playing was especially impressive on "When the Train Left the Station"....The colored effects created by overhead and stage-wing lights as well as distant spotlights enhanced the performance considerably.

Were you at the CSU show in 1969?


Thanks for sharing this timeline of Rolling Stones visits to Denver.
At the 1975 Ft. Collins show, Elton John popped on stage to play piano on a song, and the band had to kick him off after two songs when he wouldn't leave, and didn't know the parts... with the crowd booing him. We all cheered when Billy Preston took over keyboard duties again.

I remember this so well! We'd slept on the ground so we could get a good seat-- lol, there were no seats, General Admission only, whatever hard scrabble you could eek out with your blanket, shoulder to elbow, and it was so very HOT. They were handing out salt pills (--and that's not all--) We got lucky, way up front-- so close we could see Mick Jagger's 70s cream-of-green eye shadow! There was so much noise and the speakers were LOUD but not very good back then. Mick introduced a special guest-- "Reginal Kenneth Dwight"... and only a small handful of us who could see him went nuts! Most of the crowd didn't even KNOW who the special guest keyboard player was, he was dressed down in 'civilian' clothes, nothing flashy at all, nothing to give away his identity. Elton's real name was not a well-known fact back then. But I was a HUGE Elton fan. Most folks found out the next day when it was published in the newspaper. He didn't interact with Mick much as I recall. It just seemed like a fun stealth move. Elton maybe only played 2 or 3 songs- I don't recall which ones--I always wondered what happened there. Haha! Well, he left with as little fanfare as he arrived... by helicopter.

The guy next to us who was passed out the whole concert, jumped up as the exit music was playing "STONES!!! Best Concert Ever, Man!"
What a trip. :D

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