Remembering Japanese internment at the Minidoka Relocation Center

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Hello, I saw this story about Japanese internment camps. I guess I expected to learn also about the internment camp in Colorado as well. I did a bit of research myself and found this site - It is a fully realized website with history, photos, and current news. I think this worth an addition to this story. I realize this story came from Brian Trembath. But Camp Amache is a fully realized and still memorialized site for persons of Japanese ancestry still living in Denver and Colorado. They also take a trek down to Granada, CO each May - since 1983. It was Granada Internment Camp first, but renamed Camp Amache - for this reason - "Granada Relocation Center’s unofficial name became “Amache,” named after a Cheyenne Indian chief’s daughter who married John Prowers (1839-1884), a prominent cattle rancher for whom the county is named." The Cheyenne Indian chief was killed in the Sand Hill Massacre (nearby). ALSO, and this is pretty exciting!
"The National Park Service is conducting a Special Resource Study to determine whether Amache meets the criteria to become a new national park. They need to hear from as many people as possible why it is important for Amache to become a National Park site." website:
Dana Bennett, library patron, former docent

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