Remembering Hal Gould, Famed Owner of Camera Obscura Gallery

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Too bad we find these things out after people die. Thanks for posting.

Hal was a real treasure for us all.

His daughter Caroline (Gigi) Gould also worked for the Denver Public Library for many years before she died of cancer at a young age after just giving birth to her son.

Saw a great Annie Leibovitz exhibit at Camera Obscura and Hal was always very helpful if you had photo questions.

Great stuff, Morgan. I'll be looking forward to that documentary!

Hal Gould was truly a Denver Treasure and everyone who knew him, admired him for his knowledge and expertise. He will be missed by many, but never forgotten for all he contributed to the art world and the Denver Scene.

I first met Hal in 1990. He shared his knowledge of photography with me, became a wonderful friend and helped me to grow a collection which covers every wall in my albuquerque home. I look at these images everyday and remember that warm friend who changed my life and the way I see. I will miss him.

I volunteered at Camera Obscura for a few years in the mid to late eighties. The quality and depth of Hal's collection was extraordinary. The value of his insights and observations on the art and artists was priceless, many of them coming from his first-hand knowledge. I'm deeply indebted to him as my primary mentor. His gentle critique of my early work (never ever saying anything bad, but often not saying volumes!) guided me from being a dedicated amateur to a serious artist. When I decided to relocate to Chicago, Hal was kind enough to endorsed my application to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Although I haven't seen it mentioned in the various remembrances, his Chicago education was primarily at the Institute of Design under Arthur Siegel. He had some involvement with Harry Callahan, but didn't particularly care for him (I don't remember if the disagreement was personal or artistic).

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Thank you for this comment, it's so nice to hear from someone who knew him so personally.

You're welcome.
I didn't see a direct e-mail address, so I'll paste this here. I took this portrait of Hal in 1988, shortly before I left for Chicago:

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