From the Rare Books Collection: The Many First Editions of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Hi Jan - Thanks for reading. We aren't able to provide appraisal information but would recommend that you work with a certified book appraiser on that. 

i have a copy of uncle toms cabin arlington edition and cant find any information about it published by hurst and company do you have any ideas about this

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It looks like that is one of the unlicensed copies that came out after the initial copyright expired. This is especially likely if there's no date on it.  

Such a fascinating history. Recently discovered a copy of an 1897 edition of Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe in some of my grandmothers books. Can’t seem to find any pictures of the book cover showing the cover I have. Any thoughts how to find anything out about it?

I have a Uncle Tom's Cabin book that was my grandfather's. He was a teacher in St. James Missouri for awhile. It's old, but doesn't have the cover page, so I can't tell exactly how old. It does have what looks like a library envelope stain on the cover. Is there anyway that you could tell me an average price of I sent you a picture?

Hi Melony - Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm sorry but I'm not able provide pricing or appraisal advice. There are websites like AbeBooks are generally a good source for pricing books like this. 

Terrific! Thanks for this detailed explanation of your UTC rare book holdings. Worth a road-trip. :)

Has a copy of the Uncle Tom's Cabin book with Henry R. Vizetelly, and published by Clarke & Co, 148 Fleet St, ever been discovered? We believe we have a copy of this, based on our extensive research, it was the Shilling edition that came out June. The copyright page is missing, due to what appears as a ink, tea or coffee stain on the front pages of this little book. It is double columned,260 pages, rebound and has very fair imprint of "Readable Books" on the last sheet of the books. Just curious. If we have, what we believe we have, this book would have been the very 1st Shilling edition of this book for sale in the UK. This book, we know, was owned by an auctioneers wife, and they were residents of London.

I have a copy matching the first US imprint above but says "tenth thousand."

I have an edition that does not have a date, but is stamped with " The F. M. Lupton Publishing Company Nos 72-76 Walker Street" in the front. I did a bit of research and found that that company changed their title later on so it has to have been printed sometime between 1892-1902. Any idea what it could be worth? It's hardcover and in excellent condition. Thanks.

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