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what date was the full page ad published? Based on the header info re national brands week, would look like 1941 based on sunday-saturday week dates. but narrative says earliest example you noted (for comics) was 1942.
NOTED interestingly, no pork, chicken, or fish listed. fall vegetable selection fits with October. Thanks!

Hi Paul! Thanks for the interest!

The full ad displayed at the top was pulled from the October 4. 1945 issue. 

Without doubt, beef, veal and lamb were the most frequently advertised meats. There were occasional offerings of "fryers" and possibly some "pork sausage" but those were few and far between (and I don't believe I ever saw fish advertised outside of canned tuna).

Once in a while, rather than any specials, they had a disclaimer stating that, though they'd certainly have meat available, they couldn't make any promises about what would be available, nor how much they would have in stock.

Funny read!

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Glad you enjoyed it!

The Boys Market strip you cite as created to compete with the Safeway material was actually part of a package of strips that markets all over could license and put their name in... and far from being created in reaction to the Safeway strips, they actually predate them; I've found the specific strip you show used back in 1938. (I'm a small publisher working on a book collecting the Safeway strips, so I've been going down the rabbit hole on this topic.)

I appreciate you letting me know! I'll see what we can do to get this updated with the new information. Thanks, Nat!

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