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That top photo reminds me of the scene in Wayne's World featuring the "Suck Kut": it sucks as it cuts!

There's nothing that says ridiculous products are relegated to the past. Let's not forget the Suck Kut was a parody of the Flow-Bee... an actual, real life thing.

I need me some vac hat!

What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business...

The Johns Manville booth at Chicago's 1993 Century of Progress Fair touted the wonderous insulating properties of asbestos.

I hear the booth had a bowl of sour cream and onion lead paint chips for people to snack on.

Can't wait to pick up a package of arsenic complexion wafers!

Not only are they good for the skin, they make a great snack!

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing

Happy to oblige! Thanks for commenting!