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Thank you for the wonderful piece of Denver history Brian!

Thank you for the kind words. Our blogging efforts always get a big assist from the strength of our collection and the skill of our editors! Glad you enjoyed it!

This is fascinating! I worked in banking over 40 years and don't remember hearing about this First Denver Mint. I knew banks had their own currency which bore their names - Koontz Family from Colorado National Bank, etc. Thanks for this wonderful story of Denver banking.

Thank you, H! 

I Just saw a re-run of the tv show, The Old Ranger, I believe it was. The show is exactly as this says. Awesome the way they portray the story

This story was used for an episode of Death Valley Days...

The Death Valley Days episode just aired this morning, fascinating to hear how the Denver Mint really started and who would have thought that at that time, it was not illegal for private entities to manufacture their own money.

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