Denver’s Historic African-American Community in Photographs



Thank you Julia for your comment! And we agree, Ed Dwight does deserve the spotlight. We're glad you enjoyed the story.



This is a very inspiring and informative article about a man that deserves so much more attention and exposure. Ed Dwight is worthy of a prominent place in American history.


Let me try to correct some misinformation....
In the early part of this article it says " 1951 there were only 6,000 African American residents and most lived in Park Hill." Then it quotes Dwight, saying "Blacks couldn't live East of York (York Street)."
These two statements are in conflict - Park Hill is entirely east of York Street! Indeed, when I moved to Denver in 1976, Park Hill had the reputation as an integrated community, and many in Denver were proud of that and the fact that Denver didn't have the slums that other big cities had.
It would be more accurate to mention the Whittier or Five Points neighborhoods, but even this doesn't really explain the areas that were redlined. I often find that talk of redlining is more concept than specifics. More research needed on this!


Hi Gary,

I sent Laurier Cress your comments and she responded. It took awhile, but here is her response: "When I wrote the post I used the interactive map here: which I think the customer may find more beneficial.

I think its important to highlight that 6,000 African American residents residing in Park Hill does not signify that it was easy for African American residents to gain access to this residential area. I believe this was the message that Mr. Dwight was trying to convey when he shared this information with me. I recommend checking out this interactive map that highlights redlining throughout the U.S. You can zone in on Denver and conduct a search on the Park Hill area specifically. Not only does it provide stats on its inhabitants but it also includes historic documents that support the stats they provide."

Thanks for your comments,

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