Pauline Short Robinson - African American Library Pioneer


"This, despite being told by a supervisor years earlier that, “There would never be a professional Negro working at the Denver Public Library.”

It looks like its still true. No professional Negro/African-American/Black person seem to work at the main library. Not surprising, just...

Where was the Cosmopolitan Branch Library?

The Cosmopolitan Branch Library opened May 1945 and was located in Five Points (2563 Welton St). If you're interested, we have a small collection about Pauline Robinson at the Blair-Caldwell Library. Feel free to call 720-865-2401 or email to make an appointment to check out the collection.

Thank you for this great post! I was happy to learn more about the life of this influential, courageous woman.

We have a display of Pauline Robinson 's life from her own words at the Pauline Robinson Branch Library.
I'd like to see this info about the lawyer education - as that is not in her own words.

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