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Thank you for reading, Robert! 

The new Manual was actually built a block east of the original school. The old building was located at 27th and Franklin. The new building is located at E. 28th Ave. and Gilpin St. Fuller Park is located on the north side of the school. Additional notables from Manual include, Norman Rice, former Mayor of Seattle WA. Patsy Jo Morrison, former Mayor of East Point GA. Ronald F. Pinked, former T.V. actor. He was in episodes of Dragnet, Ironsides, The F.B.I., Wild Wild West, and played Dr. Mike Morton in the series called Emergency.

Ronald's last name should read Pinkard.

Thank you very much for reading - and for sharing such valuable information!

You are correct that the new school was in fact a block east of the old school - it looks as if the source I checked was mistaken on that information. Thank you for pointing that out and we have updated accordingly. 

I am a third generation graduate of South High School! This is a great article. Thank you.

Thank you for reading, Susan! What a great South High legacy! 

Thank you. Just a few months ago several if us were trying to figure out why East's mascot is the angels, since the other directional schools have directionally inspired mascots.

Glad the information in the article proved useful! Thank you for reading! 

Was old East HS ever referred to as "central" HS? Was there a central HS in Denver 1884?

Hi Ted! Thank you for reading. The Central School was in the West Denver area, which opened in 1880 to serve all grades elementary through high school.

While the upper grades of Central School were  expanded into Franklin School in 1883, the original 1880 Central School high school class did in fact graduate from Central (rather than Franklin) in 1884.

Franklin School eventually became what is now West High School. 


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