New Microfilm Readers Make Accessing History Easier Than Ever

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That is wonderful news. Every year, I dig through microfilm while researching the annual Colorado Inside Out, Time Machine shows. The old scanners were difficult to use and almost impossible to scan an entire page. I look forward to the chance to try the new ones.

I cherish the "time machine" shows on Colorado Inside Out! Dominic Dezzutti, Patty Calhoun, et al. in costume and masquerading as historical figures is a highlight of the CIO year for me.
I am glad your work has eased for the preparation of this annual romp. I have pored over microfilm when I was an undergrad at UC Denver studying Denver and Colorado history in the late 1970s, and I appreciate the difficulties.

Hi Judith - Thanks for the comments. Microfilm is a strange and wonderful format that just seems to stay relevant. We hope you'll stop by one day and check out much (and how little) this format has changed over the years!


I have micro film military records that I need to make copies of. Can I bring my own microfilm and use the library readers??

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