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Awesome post, Brian! This history buff loves the peek at a unique piece of Americana - and your storytelling style is delightful - especially the cheekiness! Keep 'em coming!

Thanks for the kind words Sandra! We're very fortunate to have a nearly endless source of really fun content here at WHG!

Hi, Brian. Thanks for the history. Of all the "acts" at the NWSS, this was the most memorable.

Thanks Betty! Those dog riding monkeys are pretty amazing.

much rather see the dog in a happy home and the monkey in it's natural habitat! Instead of cowboys and cowgirls amusement! Animals used for 'sideshow' or amusement were treated terrible... Tish, tish

I have to agree that this particular monkey looks pretty miserable in this photo, but can't speak to how he was treated overall. My general takeaway from researching this article is that monkeys are, generally, better off in the wild, but modern rodeo monkeys seem to be treated pretty well and develop close bonds with the dogs they ride.

Modern Rodeo Monkeys - best band name ever...

I like it!

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