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More factual information about Adamski is available at

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To anyone interested, you can avoid this website. It's full of BS by people who are obviously incapable of evaluating evidence.

Why roll out your article with the fraudulent comment. No one really can say that if they were honest or had an agenda. So many important people have since come out to have been witnesses to his account.

As a young child growing up in San Diego, i was an avid reader. In my grandmother's bookshelf were many offerings, as she belonged to a book of the month club. One such publication was, "Inside the Space Ships" by George Adamski. I remember his claims of Venusians, which even at the age of 10 I found to be ridiculous. Then there was Whitley....

How did he determine, from a distance, without any analysis that the material he was viewing was translucent metal? I mean, clear aluminum does exist, but if I show you pieces of glass and transparent aluminum at a distance, it's impossible to tell them apart. I came across this story a long time ago and thought it was hilarious, but never really looked further into it. I look forward to the upcoming installments.

Well you thought it was hilarious but it turns out it will be true. I live in Palm Valley right down the hill. From palomar. Mountain have seen multiple things coming off that mountain and so have many others with exceptional credentials military contractors ect wich can be found on a google search . Rock on George ! You are loved by many .Mr. Aartsen you need to open up your mind a little bit and get your facts straight. WITH DUE RESPECT MISS HICKEY(PAUMA VALLEY CA)

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