It had to happen sometime: Denver's first major crime

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Thank you for telling the story of Denver's first murder. You will be interested to know that General William Larimer, founder of Denver, recorded this murder, the execution of Stoefel, and the burial of both the victim and murderer in the new Mount Prospect Cemetery (today's Cheesman Park), in Larimer's pocket diary or memoranda book, which resides in the General Larimer Papers in the Stephen H. Hart Research Center at History Colorado, two blocks from DPL. To avoid any implication that Stoefel's execution was a product of impetuous frontier justice, General Larimer recorded that Stoefel was hanged after a fair trial! The Larimer Papers came to History Colorado through the efforts of the late Stan Oliner, who was the curator of books and manuscripts at History Colorado for many years.

Hi Joe - Thanks for that additional information on the Stoefel case and the holdings at History Colorado. It seemed like an a pretty open-and-shut case, but it sure would have been interesting to learn more about the motive. Thanks for reading and commenting and please stay well!


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