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Sounds like there was a lot of fun to be had in Denver at that time. Thanks for commenting, Mark! 

Collette Rouse was my Grandmother and I am not surprised she had a hand in this project with her students. She taught school in Jefferson County for over 30 year. She passed away just a few years ago. I find this ironic because when I was a kid she took me to most of these wonderful places. Great memories of Denver the way it used to be.

What a wonderful project your grandmother co-created! Thanks for sharing, Chris.

I'm a few years too late since this article, but what memories. I grew up in Denver between late 60s - early 90s, and almost all of those photos bring back memories: Celebrity's, used to ditch school now and then and hang out in that very game room in the basement. Casa Bonita - remember going on a field trip there in the 5th grade when it first opened, then going there rest of the 70s on the weekends with friends. What fun. Elitches - when it was a unique park off 38th and had all the old buildings and gardens. Endless memories there. Apple Tree Shanty, very faded memories, always drove by it on Colfax as an adult. Wow....when Denver was had its own flavor.

Thanks for taking a walk down Denver's memory lane, Rich! 

Golly! These are marvelous memories! I'm remembering the Cooper Theater - just north of the Century 21. Then, further south on Colorado Boulevard, on east side of the street was the Red Slipper and The Writer's Manor/Tiffin Inn. There was a large orphanage in that area, also. It was on the west side of the street. The Harvest Restaurant was a favorite place - near where a Target Store is now.

Thanks for reminiscing with us, Heidi!

The Celebrity Sports Center was created by Walt Disney, Art Linkletter, and several other celebrities.


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