How Do I Find My Picture in an Old Newspaper?

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My husband has a newspaper clipping of himself and princess Dianna sometime between 1980-1986 when he was Director of Personnel and Labor Relations for King Soopers. He is showing her the King SoopersBakery. There is no date shown as it was cut out but comic a section once back. I have an original copy that helps finding the article.

Hi Dodie, Thanks for your comment. I've taken off your personal information, but we will see if we can find anything and get back to you through email.

On January 26, 1967, the Denver Post ran an article about 100 N. Viet Soldiers Trapped in Big Cave. How can I get a copy along with the drawing that was part of the article? Thanks.

Thanks for asking, Danny. You can submit this request to us via our contact form and we'll get a copy out to you as quickly as we can.

in 1977 in was a checker at king soopers in boulder and a man held up fast lanes with a gun. i was one of those checkers he ran outside and around the building and killed himself. this new and horrific tragedy there brought this back for me. i never found out more on this, i left the job and moved to northern ca. .can you find the news about this?

My uncle was soldier in Vietnam, there was a picture of him & Governor Love signing his deployment papers, it was a special occasion because I was told my uncle was the 1st soldier from CO to go, I saw the pic of him & Gov.Love at a Table with several other high officials gathered & shaking hands. I am unsure the date, I can provide his name, Robert John O’Connell, he has since passed away, found dead in Boulder a year ago & buried without any family knowing, buried in national cemetery there in CO. I am putting a family tree together & would like to get a copy of that photo that was in newspapers!! Anyone that can help me??

Hi Troy - Shoot us an email with all the info in it to and we'll see what we can do. 

Bell gardens city newspaper approx November or December 1975 yr headline reading suspect hiding in closet

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