"The Hotel With A Personality:" Denver's Colburn Hotel


My mom worked in the restaurant on the ground floor before I ever met her.

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Thanks for commenting, Steve!

2 Of my great-aunts and one great-uncle lived there. We used to visit them and feel like we were in a different world! The aunts were identical twins.

Wonderful story and photos Katie. I love taking one of many "Historic Denver Guides" around town to see and photograph our beautiful buildings. Historic Denver, Inc. has published this wonderful series for us to enjoy.

I liked that I found out that Byers Junior High was done by the same architect. I stumbled upon it one day and was wondering about it. Interesting he did the State Admin Building too. Thanks.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Keegan! You may also want to check out this biographical sketch of architect William Bowman that was produced by the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. It includes a more complete list of buildings credited to Bowman.

My mother and father managed the hotel in the 1950s to the mid sixties. I grew up in the hotel and we lived there. I went to Dora Moore elementary and Morey Jr High

I bet you have amazing stories from living in the hotel! Thanks for reading and commenting, Jim!

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OMG is that you 'Jimmy' ? I grew up in the mansion which sat directly across the street from the Colburn Hotel (on the NE corner of 10th & Grant St.) I too attended Dora Moore elementary school and the two of us used to play in the underground garage of the Coleman. To this day it is still one of my most treasured and vivid childhood memories . .. the cool, dank, dimly lit garage - concrete floors and ramps .. I swear I can still smell the fumes and oil which leaked from the old cars ! I love it ! My Grandmother and Mom sold out the mansion in very early 1960's to the developer who built the old 'Hampshire House' Hotel. We moved out to Lakewood where I and my 2 sisters attended Jeffco schools. Imagine that, I'm writing this just a little over 3 months after your posting was entered,, after I conducted some internet searches of old historic Denver mansions and a history of the Colburn Hotel. We've a common bond from a very special time and place. Hope this finds you in in good health with all your dreams fulfilled. ~ Rusty (lol.. haven't used that name which my older sister gave me since high school).

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