The "Great Migration" Plus



This is fabulous information - thanks for this story! Truly incredible and timely reporting. Sadly these facts have only recently became well known, even to historians and directors of Historical Societies in the mid-mountain area I live in. Despite their training and focus there is a continual refrain that there is no diverse history and that there are not many African Americans in these counties, and never were. That is patently untrue and unsupportable given the number of African Americans, who, like other Americans, and with perhaps even more pressing reason, came West to find a better life and continue to migrate here today. When not being run out of town by hostilities and micro-aggressions, we contribute and provide many treasures to our communities. And, in the face of recent events that have rocked the nation recently, it seems ridiculous to continue to suggest that there is no celebration of Black History in the West because there are so few Blacks here. Clearly, even if that were true, it would be yet another reason that Americans need to know Black American History and how it would be so relevant here. Course since about 30- percent of some of our mid-mountain communities are Latinx (not only because of migration, but due to relatively recent redrawing of national US boundaries after hundreds of years) and ignored indigenous communities trudge on despite the fact of lived histories of many thousands of years here, any degree of serious reflection quickly illuminates how lame an excuse this is. Thanks for the missing scholarship.


Thank you for the information. My son is compiling information on the African American community in Gunnison, Colorado, especially for the Gunnison Pioneer Museum. Any additional information is welcome. Thank you, Loretta McDonald

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