George L. Brown (1926-2006) First African American to Hold Statewide Office in U.S.


Great piece Annie!

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Josh, thank you for your comment!

I knew Lt. Gov Brown and his daughter who attended CSU. She was a great person— I often think of her although her name escapes me now. I remember she married the love of her life she met on campus, Ricky. Her dad was a wonderful man as well. He lived over by the golf course on 26th—now destroyed thanks to gentrification under the guise of a possible flood in 100 years. I also remember very well how the governor treated Lt. Governor Brown. The same way Lt. Governor Rodgers years later was treated by then sitting governor of Colorado. It was really shameful and I’m certainly not going to act like it didn’t happen.

Juanita (my youngest sister is also a Juanita), thank you for your comment. You were lucky to have known Lt. Governor Brown and his daughter. I appreciate your honesty.

Dr and Mrs John F Bookhardt had invited me to Move To Denver Colorado where I was Proudly impressed of the History Of Lt Govenor George Brown who served with Govenor Richard Lamm ! Trail Blazers In Modern American West History;

Thank you for your comment. Lt. Governor was indeed a trail blazer in modern American Western history. He is still appreciated for his contributions and leadership in Colorado.

My Daughter lives there Now a Outstanding Emmy Award Winner Of Colorado Public Television⭐️And Serves The Hancock Administration City Of Denver! James West is Her Husband they just had a Baby Boy Journey James West⭐️❤️

Congratulations regarding your role as granddad to baby boy Journey James West (wonderful name) and your daughter and her husband. Talent runs in the family. Congratulations to your daughter regarding her work with the CO Public Television and with Mayor Hancock's administration.

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