Fred Harvey, the Man Who Civilized the West

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Yes, both Harvey Girls and Hooter's Girls are hired based on their appearance but you're clearly implying that Hooter's Girls are neither intelligent nor "...of a relatively solid moral character" and that is inaccurate and unfairly judgmental. The language used in this article perpetuates misogynist attitudes (i.e. belittling, sexual discrimination and objectification of women) and, frankly, seems uncharacteristic for a public library. Is it possible to share historical facts in a way that inspires a better future for everyone?


Hi Hooter's Girl - Thanks for your comments on this blog post. I do apologize if this content came across as sexist or misogynistic, that was definitely not the intent.

The point I was trying to make was that while Harvey Girls were selected on their looks, they were also held to rigid standards that no restaurant employee today would be expected to adhere to (such as the 10 p.m. curfew). It was in no way meant to disparage the moral character of women as whole and, specifically, those who work at Hooters. 

That said, I will definitely keep your concerns in mind for future blogs. Thanks again for both reading and commenting on our material.


I didn't interpret your article to be sexist or misogynistic at all. You were simply comparing and contrasting eras. Very good article!

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