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so how come when i click on the "learn more about the Trinidad camp" link it says Server Error in '/' Application.

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I thought the Internment camp was 8 miles North West of Trinidad. Were there more than one of them there?

Hi, Beth! The camp site is located just beyond the outer boundary of Cougar Canyon Golf Resort.

Hi, I have a friend, now deceased, who was a POW at Trinidad. Is there a way to find information about him?

I grew up sleeping on bunkbeds from this camp; tracked down the IS Officer whose brass tag was on the bunks and returned bunks to him years later. Are there any markers on the road so you can find where it was?

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<p>Hi Gary,</p>

<p>The site is located&nbsp;just beyond the outer boundary of Cougar Canyon Golf Resort. As far as I know, there aren't any road markers for the site. You may want to be in touch with <a href="">History Colorado's State Preservation Program for Roadside Markers</a>.</p>

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