Forever Italy: The American Cemetery and Monument in Tuscany

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I'm jealous. I passed by this on the way to San Gimignano, but didn't get a chance to stop there. I'll have to do it next time I go.

The one in Nettuno, which is on the coast not too far from Rome, is also very nice, though probably not as dramatic as the Florence one. I made a special trip there to see it and lay flowers for one man. The caretaker there previously had been a caretaker at the Florence one. So, that was nice to hear about when we talked. He also had a little information on the man who I was laying flowers for, as in where he had died. These cemeteries are a really nice tribute to the men.


To my four uncles, Girard, Leon, Arthur and Dominick Russomano.
To Arthur and Leon Russomano, who were temporarily buried in Florence area.
Also to my grandmother and mom, who stayed home running the family business alone, due to my grandfather's untimely death, just prior to this horrible war...
May God bless you all, in heaven, as you enjoy eternal life together again..!!

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