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Wonderful article, thank you for the work.
Please edit the line "(Denver wouldn't officially became Denver in 1902.)" for clarity.
Sounds like there is a story there as well :)

Thanks, Ray!

I would like to share a very old photo (yellow like this early one) of my great-grandfather's Wagon Works/Blacksmith Shop taken about 1872 at 185 15th St in downtown Denver. It is now the site of the Denver Sheraton's parking garage. Robert F. Bandhauer came to Denver in 1870 by horseback from Missouri. His future wife, Elizabeth Fager, came to Denver by ox & wagon from Tennessee, then Kansas in 1871. They married in Denver in Aug 1876, the same month Colorado became a state. From 1870-1894, Robert served on Denver's first fire department, the Tabor Hose Co. 1 & 4, helped build the Denver Capitol building, did all the iron work for the Denver Stock Yards and the Tabor Opera House. When the U.S. went on the Gold Standard in 1893, the Bandhauers lost everythng because they had invested in silver with the Tabors. Instead of standing on the corner with a sign begging, the Bandhauers loaded their 7 children, dog, piano, and headed for the mountains, where they homesteaded in a gorgeous valley near Daffodil (now Deckers), naming their place Shady Brook. They spent the best 30 years of their lives there. It is now the Colo Springs YMCA Camp Shady Brook for thousands of kids.

Thank you for this fascinating article. You don’t describe the format of this. Is it an albumen on paper?

In the fascinating book "Colorado on Glass", there is a lot of information, letters and photos taken by Rufus Cable. It also references the Larimer Street photo.

Thanks for the great article...history is a mystery!


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