Espionage, Treason and Peril - The Story of Mary Louvestre

From award-winning author Alex Haley’s widow, his collaborator on the bestselling Roots, comes a new American epic from the Civil War.  Dr. My Haley weaves the story of Mary Louvestre, an African American slave turn spy in her first publication The Treason of Mary Louvestre.

The Treason of Mary Louvestre is based on the true story of a seamstress slave from the Confederate town of Norfolk, Virginia.  When her owner gets involved with modifications to the ironclad CSS Virginia, Mary copies the plans and sets out to commit treason against the South.  Facing certain death as a spy if caught, she treks two hundred miles during the bitter winter of 1862 to reach the office of Union Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, where she hands over the plans. Haley, using rich narrative and characters drawn from that pinnacle era of American history, ably tells Mary’s act of bravery.

An Afternoon with Dr. My Haley

Friday, September 6th, 1-3pm

Blair-Caldwell Library

It is inconceivable the amount of fortitude and strength a person would need to take on the institution of slavery in America AND in the process change the course of history. Mary Louvestre was such an individual. Join us for a fascinating afternoon you don't want to miss!

Free and open to the public

For more information, contact Publicist Marianne Pestana at or 303-945-6195 or by visiting our website.

Questions? Please contact the Blair-Caldwell Library at 720-865-2401 or email

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