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Jerry had a blue and cream Lincoln Mark IV, not a Cadillac from Elvis.

You left out one of the Cadillacs. At that time Channel 4 morning news anchor Don Kinney read the police Cadillacs story and quipped that he wouldn't mind getting one too. One of Presley's people called the station to ask what color. A couple of hours later at 1044 Lincoln the blue Cadillac was presented to him. Don was totally incredulous this was happening.
The whereabouts of this one is known. I saw it last fall and have picture of it. It is still in great condition and is still in the Kinney family.

Hi Craig - Thanks for the additional information. Elvis was nothing if not generous!

Elvis also bought Tim Kinney a new car he was an anchor at channel 4 in Denver. When the story was run Tim said I wish somebody would buy me a car so Elvis did.

I can remember that time Elvis was in Denver and did buy the cars, my sister Sharon Sheller , who worked at Jack Kent Cadillac at the time wrote up the paper work on one of the Caddy’s and was invited to the Arbor Lounge for dinner with the Elvis party.

Hi Bill - Thanks for reading and sharing those memories. The King certainly cut a wide path through Denver back then!

Yes I remember this well. I went to the concert in April 1976 before this happened. I remember the Rocky Mountain news showed a picture of Elvis but it was actually of Johnny Hara!

I went to the concert also. I remember the next day in the paper they had that picture of Johnny Hara. What a screwup!

Also I remember my father sent Elvis a telegram requesting a car! He never heard back.

Some of this information is on a video called 200 Cadillacs (Elvis Presley) one of the girls it says was for Linda Thompson. I enjoyed this article. Thank you for sharing.


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