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The above location of the restaurant is incorrect. It was at 68th and Wadsworth, where Walgreens now stands. It was called Luciano's. I had the privilege of working there while I was in high school back in the day.

Hi There - Thanks for the additional information on this restaurant. Do you remember about what years it was there?

Hey Jude (can't resist),

My wife's family knew Ron very well. There is no way that he would have knowingly served as Mr. Howard's bodyguard if he had any idea about Howard's drug use.

There used to be a restaurant in Glendale at Birch St and Virginia Ave. Elvis used to go there (or send someone for him)
when in town and get his special sandwich. They then would make them and sell them to their regular customers for like $150 each.

Jerry Kennedy came into the Cadillac Dealer I work at. He recounted that Elvis did give him a car. He traded the next year on another Cadillac. He relented that if he kept the one Elvis gave him it would be worth some money.

Hi Joe - Thanks for the additional information! The internet was pretty useless in helping with our attempts to figure out what happened to the Elvis/DPD cars. 

Not true. Jerry Kennedy is my uncle and kept the Lincoln for quite a few years and donated it to a museum in Tupelo Mississippi.

You left out one of the Cadillacs. At that time Channel 4 morning news anchor Don Kinney read the police Cadillacs story and quipped that he wouldn't mind getting one too. One of Presley's people called the station to ask what color. A couple of hours later at 1044 Lincoln the blue Cadillac was presented to him. Don was totally incredulous this was happening.
The whereabouts of this one is known. I saw it last fall and have picture of it. It is still in great condition and is still in the Kinney family.

Hi Craig - Thanks for the additional information. Elvis was nothing if not generous!

Elvis also bought Tim Kinney a new car he was an anchor at channel 4 in Denver. When the story was run Tim said I wish somebody would buy me a car so Elvis did.


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