Did you go to high school in 1915?


In the opinion the comics under the large one are headers for sections in the east high books. Drama, oratory (speech), chorus, different sports like Basketball, baseball, track, and dance - which they may have taught or like today's' proms, and the end looks like the end of school year, but not sure why there are couples watching the sunset.

I think the top one is about getting ready in the morning - But I don't quite get it other then the obvious - before and after pictures and there's a big line for the facilities.

The topic is really cute and a great way of showing what it takes to get from face A to face B.

The different scenes are those you see at high school - everyone sees them. The scenes highlight key experiences you have in high school including friendship. I like the view because there is a place in city park that is slightly elevated and you can see across the city.

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