Did a Dose of Dragon's Blood Kill Buffalo Bill Cody?

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Kellen, this was too much fun to read and very interesting!! Thank you for all of your hard work.

I'm glad you liked it Mary Beth!!!

Very interesting, thanks.

Thanks it's much appreciated.

This was very interesting.

Thanks so much!

An interesting account of the fraught relationship between the Codys. Curious to know if by “Victorian-era anti-abuse type-medication” you might have meant Antabuse, the brand name for a medication used to treat alcoholism - and that autocorrect had its own idea?

It could not have been Antabuse as it was not discovered until 32 years after Cody's death.

You are (auto) correct. I write one thing, and editors do as well, and auto correct has it's own thoughts.

My great-great grandmother was Mary Minerva (Lamplugh) Tobin Harrington; Louisa's best friend. At the time of Cody vs Cody, she had known them for 26 years & was the financer of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. In the County of Sheridan's &Wyoming) court transcripts she testified she had provided them with loans totaling around $4,100, the security for which was the Cody's land.

My grandmother (Mary Harrington's grand daughter) was given her first sip of whiskey while sitting on Buffalo Bill's lap, as he said it would cure her cold.

According to my great-great grandmother, Louisa did not try to poison Buffalo Bill. Amusingly, what did happen is something that she & Louisa were "partners in crime": They actually used to steal his flask, pour out some of the whiskey & replace it with holy water from the church!

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