Dianne Reeves (1956-) "Breathtaking virtuosity, improvisational prowess"


Wonderful to be able to learn about the things you inform us about,

Thank you for your comment. I am glad you found this blog informative.

Didn't realize she's from Denver - thanks.

Thank you for your comment.

One of my Dad's favorite performers.I am excited to share your post with him. Thank you!

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Thank you for your comment. Yes, please share with your dad!

Thank you for recognizing the talent that is Dianne Reeves & sharing her wonderful story with us. I am a long time ago classmate of Dianne's (both junior high & high school) and I remember us cutting up in class--having fun in those good ol' days! Indeed, I also recall her singing in our GW student talent show & she simply blew us all away with her amazing voice! Am so happy to hear she is doing well & is still in Denver, too [Dianne, you ROCK!]

Thank you for your comment. Your junior and high school years together sure sounds like good times together!

Your tremendously wonderful song about Grandma gliding to the next life so cradled and comforted me about my own grandmother and with anyone else I loved dearly, to get it confirmed that she is in the presence of All Love. I am alumni @ UCD as well. once again, Thank You Miss Dianne Reeves, you are a blessing!

Kimbra, thanks for sharing such a nice memory of Dianne Reeves's musical connection to your beloved grandmother.

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