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interesting at th eleast


Thanks for your excellent piece that provided more well organized material on Petertown than I have seen before. You might be interested in David Wetzel's recent book on another Denver connected spiritual figure, Francis Schlatter. It is: Vanishing Messiah: The Life and Resurrections of Francis Schlatter (University of Iowa Press, 2016).

I also enjoyed your piece about the Upton Sinclair-- Rockefeller letter. More than 50 years ago I attended a lecture by Sinclair on the topic "How I Reformed Three Millionaires"--one of whom was Rockerfeller.

I hope you and your colleagues at DPL keep doing your informative blogs. As conventional publication withers, your efforts will perhaps replace printed channels in getting Colorado history before the public. I also hope that you aggregate, disseminate, and preserve this material so it is not lost in the billions of galaxies of cyberspace. Perhaps it would be a good idea to link the staff blogs with the Center for Colorado Studies at the Denver Public Library site and vice-versa.

By the way, for people whose sight is dimming the "I'm Not a Robot test" (which blocks show a bus) can be challenging.

I am familiar with your work and consider it high praise that you enjoyed this piece. I am also unbelievably jealous that you were able to see Sinclair in person. If you go back to the Sinclair letter blog, you will also see that we have added a link to a scanned copy of the letter.

I will talk to the more tech savvy members of our staff and see what we can do regarding your CCS suggestion. 

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