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I hope we've reunited you with your childhood friend, Robert! Thanks for sharing your story.

My grandfather owned the hotel during that time and my mother used to stay and work there in the summer. George and Helen Carter.

I worked at Charlie Browns for 10 years.
I was hired by the beautiful blue eyed beauty Carol Barnes may she rest in peace <3
The place does have a personality of its own. <3

It certainly does, Corinne! Thanks for reading and sharing.

Trying to find a photo of the house immediately south of the Colburn apartment building owned by the Dick family. My great aunt Margret Dick owned the house and my folks and I lived with her during the early 1940's.

Hi Kirk,

According to the Denver City Directories, the house was located on 930 Grant Street. I have checked our Digital Collections and also the Real Estate Analysis Records (WH2276), but unfortunately, there aren't any photos of this house in the collections.

Here are some other helpful hints from our Building History Tutorial (

"The Stephen H. Hart Library and Research Center at History Colorado also has a large collection of photographs.

Don’t forget to ask around in your neighborhood. Someone may have old photographs of your house or know someone who does. The most likely source of old photographs are the people that lived in the home earlier. Locating them in the city directories or searching for family members might lead you to the photographs you seek."

WOW! Decided to look up the Colburn Hotel as I stayed there for a few weeks in the fall of 1989.
Amazing to see it’s been turned into apartments! I wish there were pics of not only how the interior hotel and rooms used to look, but also the present apartments~always fun to reminisce!
Would love to hear from anyone else who happened to stay there?! Esp bc I had some odd experiences there!
Thank you for your site, and again I hope you post some past and present photos

Thanks for reading and commenting, Tammy!

About Byers School -- any way to figure out why all of the stair railings all around the school are copper? It's beautiful, but a curious choice for 1904.

Hi Sami,

I suspect copper was used due to its low price at the time of construction. According to this USGS report (page 42), the average price of copper per pound in 1904 was $12.80. Only a few years prior in 1901, the average cost was $16.10 per pound.


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