Photos of Halloween in Denver, 1960-1988


I understand snow is part of many Denver Halloweens. This is different from the Chicago Halloween's I grew up with.

Indeed! The snowiest Halloween on record in Denver occurred in 1972, when 8.0" of snow fell.  

Yes, I remember many snowy Halloweens in Denver during the 1960s. It didn't stop our trick-or-treat adventures, however. We would bundle up, with coats over our costumes, and trek around the neighborhood until we were just too cold to continue. In the mid-1970s, I recall driving home from my mom's house in southwest Denver on Halloween night. My young daughter Heather and I almost got stuck in the snow on Federal Boulevard, yet we made it home, tired and grateful.

Thanks for sharing your memories, Nancy! Halloween 2015 was balmy in comparison!

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