Interesting article. I didn't know that Jimmy Lunceford was from Denver. I didn't know that Paul Whiteman was from here either. It's funny that George Morrison was called "the colored Paul Whiteman", as though that was a compliment, when Whiteman was a derivative version of the African American bands of the time. Whiteman was called "The King of Jazz" notwithstanding the presence of musicians like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and King Oliver, all of whom had far greater influence on the music than Whiteman.

Thanks for reading, Jude! I'm glad you found the article interesting and learned a few new facts. To clarify, Lunceford was born in Mississippi but moved to Denver when he was an adolescent. 

Thanks for the research, Michelle. So much musical history in our own backyard. No wonder KUVO was located there for so many years. Cheers to WHG staff for always diverse historical articles. Pls continue.

Glad you enjoyed it, Peter! 

What's with the Columbia LP? He only released one side of a '78. He pissed off the mafia who ran Columbia by recording demos for Victor. Those would be something to hear, nobody has ever found them.

Hmm, I'm not sure. But it sounds like an interesting topic to look into!

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