César Chávez Day



I loved the story and pictures! Coming from PA I heard of Caesar Chavez but never knew the story. I am so glad I know Magdalena; she has taught me so much at the age of 81; better late than never!


It is wonderful to honor Magdalena. The first time I was arrested was on the UFW Gallo wine picket line at Applejack with Sr. Cecily Jones, SL, Jerry Ryan and other UFW staff. Madge and I see one another these days, since we live in the same HUD housing in North Denver. Thanks for honoring her. Peace!


Que Viva la Huelga y Que Sigue la Lucha! Gracias Magdalena this is a great snapshot into an important time in our country's history. Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta transformed the consciousness of Chicanos and non-Chicanos as well. This is so poignant as we sit in our homes unable to interact because of COVID-19, it reminds me of the values of community, struggle and sacrifice that we taught to us during that time period. Everything you see on Su Teatro's stage is influenced by the United Farmworkers experience. TG

Thank you Tony for your comments and messages! Thank you also for keeping Su Teatro alive on the many stages of Su Teatro's life! You have quite a story to tell and you are doing that with every Teatro you present. You make history every day! Honored to know you. Magdalena


Wow! Thanks for the memories Magdalena! And thanks to the Denver Public Library's Western History Department for keeping our stories alive through your work. The photo was taken in the basement of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church where we spent many hours working for our community. We can learn from this time in our history to continue to put our community first.

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