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Thanks, Brian. How enlightening!

Hence the name: Queen City of the Plains (empathize "Queen")...such a beautiful, wonderful, amazing place to call home--'tis a privilege to live in Colorado--particularly Denver, Colorado! Very glad I was born & raised in the Mile High City. Thanks for the post, Brian--really enjoy your blogs ;-)!

I have an original copy of the book, but the photo shown here of the Brown Palace is not the same. I wonder if there were different printings of the Thayer text. Any help on this?

Hi Rich - Thanks for reading and commenting! There were, indeed, two printings of this title, one in 1898 and another in 1906. I'm guess that yours is the 1906 version. 

My copy shows a copyright date of 1898 and a title page giving 1902. It has been in the family since then. The photo of the Brown shows only the hotel itself in sharp, sunny other structures in view.

Interesting. This title must have been popular enough to run through at least three printings. 

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