Denver’s First Hotel: El Dorado Lost and Found


So, as with the fabled city of the same name, no one has yet rediscovered this El Dorado.

Very astute comparison! At least we have the stories.

Thanks for sharing this story!

Love the story,pictures.....I am a custodian at BCL...I am a local history lover,it would be a dream to work with yall

Glad to hear from you! It's definitely a great thing to get to work with these collections and this history every day.

I too have researched the Eldorado Hotel fairly extensively, driven primarily from my attempted genealogical research in who was David Smoke. My family is centered in South Carolina since the 1740's. The original settler's name was Rauch, then anglicized to Smoke and Smoak. Do you any info on what happened to
David Smoke and his wife? I've only seen one small reference that Mrs. Smoke went to Montana. It would be fun to sit down together and compare notes.

Thanks for reading, Neil!

We don't have much on Smoke, and it doesn't look like we have anything to add to your research at the moment. There is a reference in our subject index to a Denver Times article from December 30, 1900, but unfortunately, we don't have access to the microfilm at this time. We'll take a look when we're back in the library and send that article to you in case it has added information.

My family owns house that Countess Murat built in Palmer Lake. I am interested in any Katrina or Henri Murat details you have. She was the first person to sew and fly the American Flag in Colorado. Katrina died in the house in March 1913 and I am also wondering if she is in the Women's Museum in Denver. Thanks, Brian Middendorf

Hi Brian,

Thanks for commenting and asking! I have added your request to our reference queue so you'll be receiving an email from us shortly.

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