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D.F. Barry's I have had the opportunity to see a hand colorized photograph of "American Horse" that remains in the Barry family.

D.F. Barry is my great grandfather - my father has numerous photographs that used to be owned by his parents (my grandparents). It's wonderful to own a piece of history that started with my ancestors.

Dear Ms. Keating, I am a historian currently conducting research in David F. Barry and wonder if I might contact you.
Michael Fox, Curator of History
Museum of the Rockies
Bozeman, MT

Hi Karen,
I am a photographer and I admire your great grandfather's work. He inspires and informs my work each day.

we were under the impression that DF Barry did not have any children. He is my husband's great-great uncle.

He is my great great uncle.

I'm holding a stack of his prints in my hands, shuffled away in our general "North Dakota Photographic Collection," once again unimpressed with my department's earlier incarnations' efforts to organize such material. At least they are preserved, but they deserve some reprocessing.

Hi Brian,

We do wish you luck in preserving your photographic collection. It is sometimes a struggle in a lot of institutions, due to funding and staff time. We sometimes suffer from this as well. All the best to you!

I have a Barry photo (Barry ... Bismarck) of five unidentified North Dakota pioneers, most likely taken in Barry's studio, based on the background. One man is probably my by Great Uncle Henry. Another is probably his brother, who stayed in ND for 18 months. The other 3 are probably neighbors. My great uncle left MI for ND in 1885, so the photo was probably taken between 1885-1890, as Barry left for Wisc in 1890. Can this photo be dated and/or connected to a nearby address?

I've read that Barry moved back to Wisconsin in about 1890 and operated a "gallery." Does anyone know if he continued to photograph commercially (or even just for himself) and if so what was the general scope of his work during this later period of his life?

I am a books and photographs dealer and have just acquired a rather remarkable group of circa-1900 large format negatives shot in and around Superior, WI and would love to be able to attribute them to Barry. Thanks!


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