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Leisurely shopping, tea, and a view--that sounds heavenly, Megan! Thanks for reading! 

I grew up in Denver and appreciate this look back in time. The elevators were pretty would be wonderful to be able shop like this again! Thank you for sharing.

I remember shopping with my mom at D & F Tower. I remember her wearing gloves and a smart hat. It was an extra special treat!!

We moved to Casper in 1945. It was a pretty small town then. In the fall my mother wrote D&F asking about winter coats for my brother and me. Soon a big package arrived containing several boys coats in our two sizes with a letter suggesting we pick the ones we wanted, send the others back, and they would send a bill for the two coats we picked.

We always shopped at D&F when we passed through Denver!

What a wonderful memory, Richard! Thanks for sharing with us.

Kind of a contrast to my visit to Costco yesterday afternoon...

LOL, Lisa! 

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, Katie :-) I'll bet the view has changed A LOT since when Jesse Thompson first looked out that top window! Wonder how it will look in another hundred years...?

I recall having lunch with my Mother, in the Tower, when I was a child (1940's) it was very elegant. Great Food!

What a fun way to lunch, Sallie! Thanks for sharing!


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