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Thanks for filling in a lot of blanks, Laura. Read that 'White City' novel by E. Larson many years ago, but didn't know the extent of Colorado's participation. Thanks.

Thanks for reading, as always, Peter! The White City novel was fascinating, wasn't it? It was great to find additional circulating materials related to H.H. Holmes in our collection.

It was also interesting to me how many of Colorado's contributions to the Fair are still right under our noses, so to speak.

Thank you Laura, this is a great read and helping me along with some research.

Hi Adison, thanks for reading! Let us know if we can help you further with your research. There were many additional resources in our collection that didn't make it into the blog.

Wow what a coincidence that a point marked by innovation and advanced civilization also had discrimination of lower races! Almost like the notion of equality has dragged progress down!

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