Caribou Ranch: The Soundtrack of the 70s from the Heart of the Rockies

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This is a great story about the ranch, listing Earth, Wind & Fire in the also-ran section at the end, missed the opportunity to observe that the reason a black soul music band recorded there was because three of the band at that time, including lead singer Phillip Bailey, were from Denver.


They were indeed, Mark, as well as East High School graduates, as I recall. We have Philip Bailey's book Shining Star available on our shelves for any interested in checking out this bit of Denver history.

I received my degree in Music Engineering from the University of Colorado and had the pleasure of using the NEVE mixing board that was donated from Caribou Ranch. The late Roy Pritts who taught engineering at CU at the time had a lot to do with helping that acquisition happen. Thanks for the interesting article!


Thanks so much for sharing that, Mike! Is the one donated to CU the same one in the early photos?

Attended the Studio Workshop there in 1982-there were actually 2 Neve consoles in the barn/studio. One was downstairs next to the shop (equipment storage, cables, etc.) and the other of course was on the second floor studio. Proud to say I learned a lot - and heard a lot. Wish it was still there in it's glory for another generation....

Thanks so much for sharing your memories, N Stefan. I think it's safe to say we all wish the studio was still around. 

Another Home Run! Really nice article, filled in a huge gap in my knowledge of the place - I had only heard little wisps about it, and here is a deep, well-written look at the whole thing, using Western History Photos and Clippings - I'm kvelling! Thanks.

Thanks so much for your kind words, Rafi. You are more than welcome to come in and look over our clippings and photo files on the studio.

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