From Brewery to Pottery: The Coors Porcelain Company


are there Colorado state fair 1939 worth anything

I have a tea or coffee pot and 3 oval'ish serving dishes of this pottery. I need to know the value for insurance. I checked the above database and there is no one within 100 miles of me that does American Pottery.. Any other suggestions?
Thank you
Michel Shiplet

If you are unable to travel or find an appraiser who can arrange a visit with you, I would suggest accessing the 2017 Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide / By Ralph And Terry Kovel. Kovels also has a website (note that it is subscription-based, however). You may also want to check out eBay to get a sense of how similar items are being priced. Hope this helps.


I have a two part coffee pot gazebo pattern. I have tried to get some information on this piece but the only thing I have found was an article written in the Rocky Mountain News that talks about the coffee pot.

I worked for SYMMONS industries for over 40 years Paul Symmons designed a washerless faucet that originally used ceramic discs that were purchased from Coors Porcelain Co in the early 70s

We have 2 vases from this period. One is an orange earthen color, the other is a pretty green. My husband has always said they were worth something, but looking at Ebay, we see the the same orange vase we have being sold both at $230. and $50. I'd like to sell our 2 vases as a pair, they are in perfect condition,so what's our best resource? My email is Thx, Julie

I have what looks to me to be some sort of paddle that is white porcelain and is almost 12 inches long. It has a knob on one end from that end it stays round for 3 inches then it flattens out starting at one inch and widenes to one and three quarters at the end. It has the markings of
on it halfway up the 3 inch round portion. I have no idea what this item is. Can someone enlighten me. I would be glad to send pictures if that would help in identification. My email is Thanks in advance.

Hi, Brad!  You might want to take a look at several titles relating to the Coors Porcelain Company that are available to view in the Western History and Genealogy Department. If you aren't able to visit us, you can place your request in our Contact Form and a staff member can spend some time researching this item. Given the volume of requests we are receiving, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to process your request. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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