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Thank you, for sharing the history and life of Barney Ford, the school I went to was named after him Barney Ford Elementary, although I didn't find out the history of the school's name until years later.

i want to know how he dies

According to Barney Ford, Black baron, he collapsed while shoveling snow from the sidewalk and died soon after from what was suspected to be a stroke.

I can trust this site

me too jackson

I never heard that Clara Brown helped him!

I never heard that Clara Brown helped him!

Taylor Nesseth,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, Clara Brown helped Barney Ford, as she did for many people over her lifetime.

Thank you for sharing this piece of amazing Colorado history. I love hearing about the pioneers of Colorado and the incredible pioneer spirit as well as stories of men who never forget their past. Who knows how many men and women's lives were inriched by Clara Brown and Barney Ford.

barney ford is awesome!


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