April 29, 1896: A Fire Nearly Levels Cripple Creek


Thank you Katie for your research and short story on Cripple Creek's two devastating fires. While gambling has brought a renewal to Cripple Creek, many historic buildings have been saved and re-purposed. New infrastructure, sidewalks, streets and lighting will give visitors visiting this historic town, that never died, memories of a lifetime. I posted some beautiful photos for my followers and comments remembered visits 30, 40 and 50 years ago. DPL photos give us memorable insights into a hard working life that celebrates ingenuity, determination, failure and renewal.

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Thanks for reading and commenting, Mike! We love to hear that our photo collection is inspiring people to share their memories!

Thanks to my great grandfather Rowley Sr for all the brick to rebuild the city.

Interesting the way history is retold over time; new details emerge while others fade away. As a direct descendant of Frank Angel I can report that he survived the fire. He wrote family including his grandson, my grandfather, some years after the fire to report that he was well and living in California. He stated that he left town in the immediate aftermath of the fire fearing he would be lynched! At least that’s the story that’s come down through the generations.

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